Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Market Through the Eyes of a Roofing Contractor

August 22, 2015
Markets may see more free fall

“It’s just a vicious cycle. All the international markets are going to open down, and unless they can rally, we’re going to open down,” Armstrong told the Herald.

The rain is really coming down so I'm doing the best I can to fix your roof. It's just that the more questionable shingles I remove, the more water keeps pouring in through the holes.

“We need to keep our eyes on things, because if it gets a whole lot worse, you can lose confidence and we can make it bad,” she said.

We need to keep our eyes open for any new leaks that appear. Do you have enough buckets? If I keep removing shingles and it keeps raining hard like this, then you might lose confidence in me if the water level starts rising in your house. That will make it bad. It will be your fault because I'm telling you right now that I do not work well under pressure.

“Everything we’re thinking about we’re not sure about, and the market hates that.”

What's with all the hatred? This is my first day on the job! I didn't want to fall off your roof. It's pretty slippery with all that rain so I decided to wear ice crampons. I'm not sure about that though. I'm getting excellent grip, but you can kind of tell where I have been walking. There are even more holes now? Should I go to the store and buy more buckets? Throw me a bone here. I'm not sure about anything. You've got me second guessing myself. That's bad. I warned you that I don't work well under pressure.

“In another few months when you look at it, you realize how insignificant this move is over your investing lifetime,” she said. “Sometimes things get worse. We don’t see it. We’re really optimistic about the future.”

In a few months you will look back and laugh when you realize how insignificant all these problems were. Hey, sometimes things get worse. I can't see it. I'm really optimistic about the future. Like I said before, this is my first day on the job. I expect to get a lot better as I learn more. The future is so bright I gotta wear shades, once it stops raining anyway.

Oh, there is something I forgot to ask. You know how they tell you to make sure your contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured? Any thoughts on how I might go about doing that? I think it might help me get more business. It's probably the main reason it took me so long to find my first customer.

I tease therefore I am. :)


Rob Dawg said...

You need to think of the future generations and spend your money now so they are spared the expense even if it is 99% likely they are not even born and even less likely they are not kin.

Stagflationary Mark said...

Rob Dawg,

It's tough.

If the market goes up then I should spend all my money on the market so that I will have more to spend so future generations won't need to.

If I spend all my money on the market then the economy will collapse though, since nobody will be buying goods and services. If that happens then the market can't go up.

Maybe the best thing for future generations is for me to spend all my money on the market and borrow the same amount to buy alll the stuff I want and need.

I think I'll start by buying two cakes and shares in a cake company. That way I can have my cake, future cakes, and eat them too. Win, win, win! Wiohoo! ;)