Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Cunning Plan

May 7, 2016
USA Today: Buy a home — even if you have student loans — with these 5 tips

1. Her broadcast journalism master’s degree from Syracuse University had left her more than $80,000 in debt.

2. The Couches bought their 2,900-square-foot Craftsman home in Gainesville, Georgia, last spring.

3. Despite Kristin’s student loans, the Couches were able to buy their home with just 3% down through a local bank.

4. “It’s yours,” she says. “You bought it. It’s something tangible that you can see.

In summary, first go $80,000 in debt getting a journalism master's degree, then buy a 2,900-square-foot home with just 3% down once home prices rose well off the lows, and lastly gift your story to another journalist working for USA Today.

What could possibly go wrong? It's a rhetorical question. Thanks to the Fed, there will never be another recession. There is therefore absolutely nothing to worry about long-term.

February 23, 2015
Employment Rates Are Improving For Everyone But Journalism Majors

Students appear to be catching on. The University of Georgia reported in August that the total enrollment in journalism schools has fallen over the last few years, as well as the number of active journalism programs.

Uh, oh. :(

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