Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Daddy Needs to Work for MetLife

May 3, 2016
MetLife hit with $25 million penalty for misleading retirement clients

FINRA claims MSI told customers that their existing variable annuities were more expensive than the replacement product being recommended, which was not true. MSI allegedly also did not disclose to investors that the proposed replacement variable annuity would "reduce or eliminate" features in their existing variable annuity, such as "accrued death benefits, guaranteed income benefits, and a guaranteed fixed interest account rider." FINRA also said MSI understated the value of customer's existing death benefits.

My Dad is a Liar - Emotional Commercial (MetLife)

Daddy is just great, but he lies. He lies about having a job. He lies about having money. He lies that he's not tired. He lies that he's not hungry. He lies that we have everything. He lies about his happiness. He lies because of me.

If daddy would be willing to lie for MetLife, then he would not need to lie to you. The better daddy lies, the better his commission-based income stream will be! Tell daddy to apply today! MetLife can always use more liars!

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