Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Explaining the Seemingly Different Views of Buffett and Munger

May 2, 2016
Charlie Munger says we're starting to look like Japan, and that could be trouble

From the comments:

Buffett and Munger need to get their stories straight. Buffett just said that America is the greatest it's ever been, Munger says we are about to be Japan. Hmm. - squirrels

Perhaps their stories are straight.

1. The bicycle is moving at great speed, perhaps the greatest ever.
2. There is a hairpin turn, which could mean trouble.
3. The support car, like the Fed, is there to help!


You'll be happy to know that the cyclist, although seriously injured in the crash, survived it and kept his sense of humor in a tweet.

A tactical headbutt to the crumple zone. I gave you a run for your money @Porsche but I think you won the Joust :-)

Perhaps we can learn from his example, should Munger's fears be realized. Sigh.

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