Saturday, May 7, 2016

My Questions for Walter Loeb

May 15, 2015
Forbes: Why Don't Millennials Want to Shop at Macy's? - Walter Loeb

Millennials feel that shopping in department stores is a chore. It is dull and unexciting. Sadly the stores do not help themselves – the theatre is gone, replaced by sale signs, and there is little encouragement to linger.

Adjusted for dividends and splits:

Stock Price Then: $64.62
Stock Price Now: $37.65
Net Loss: 42%

Walter Loeb, you da man!! Nicely played.

May 2, 2016
Forbes: Macy's The Merchant Is Innovative And Alive - Walter Loeb

Terry Lundgren’s leadership is inspiring in its vision to increase Macy’s appeal to millennial customers. The company does not stand still in a retail environment where customers shun stores and business is difficult.

What? Aren't department stores still dull and unexciting?

So, here are my questions for Walter Loeb.

How much did Macy's pay you to write that glowing article? Or does Macy's now have some dirt on you? Compromising pictures or videos? Or better still, did you go to sleep recently next to an extraterrestrial plant? You know, did you get body snatched? Are you experiencing a distorted sense of time and space, synethesia, nausea, sweating, palpitations, dry mouth, and/or hallucinations? Perhaps someone dropped LSD in your coffee?

There must be some explanation! Inquiring minds want to know!! ;)


dearieme said...

I've always disliked shopping. In winter the shops are overheated, in summer under ventilated, so there are only a few months of the year I can even be comfortable in them. Clothes shopping is worst. Happily my wife is very sound on shopping: she dislikes it too.

Stagflationary Mark said...


I love to shop. ;)