Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Most Tempting Offer Ever!

April 30, 2016
Spend 2 hours doing this each month, and save your family $1,000

By investing even just an hour or two a month in reviewing your current financial situation and where you can make improvements, you can save thousands of dollars in the long run...

Headline says 2 hours per month to save $1,000. Details say in the long run.

2 hours per month is 24 hours per year, or 1,000 hours in just under 42 years. This is fantastic news for those who want to save $1,000 by working 1,000 hours. $1 per hour! Woohoo! But wait, it gets even better.

Call an older woman in your family to talk about tough financial times, money regrets and other money issues and see what you learn from that.

I should call my sister and ask her again what it was like working at a bank when the bottom fell out of this economy. That should really brighten her day! Who doesn't like taking a stroll down memory lane?

Bad Mark. Bad! Bad! ;)


Teri said...

I like cookbooks from the Depression. The Clara's Kitchen one is interesting, because you get to see how Italians ate during the Depression. And I had one where a person said that they would gather weeds and can them up, just to be able to put something up.

They might be better off promoting Prepper sites. A lot more useful.

Stagflationary Mark said...


Yeah, I save at least $1,000 each and every year simply shopping the sales at the local grocery stores. That's time well spent, at keast for me.

For example, I back up the truck on tomatoes on the vine when they are 99 cents per pound and avoid them like the plague at $2.99 per pound. This week saw 99 cents. Lots of salads are in my short-term future! And no weeds to speak of, at least not yet!

It won't be entirely healthy though, since Coca-Cola was also on sale at just 88 cents per 2-liter. ;)