Sunday, August 9, 2015

Jim Cramer Don't Need No Stinkin' Lawnmower Sales Headin' into Great Recession

September 5, 2006
Jim Cramer's Stop Trading! Core Holdings

Cramer reiterated his strongly bullish take on Sears (SHLD). He said a recent regulatory filing shows that Chairman Ed Lampert bought back 2.3 million shares in the latest quarter.

Cramer said
bears on the stock have been critical of falling same-store sales. But Cramer said skeptics have been missing the fact that the buyback will shrink the float and create demand for the shares.

"If he keeps buying at this pace, he's buying in half the company," Cramer said of hedge fund manager Lampert. At that rate, he added,
"Who cares if they sold a lot of lawnmowers?"

Investors who didn't want to lose more than 85% of their money since late 2006?

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