Thursday, June 23, 2016

Barista: The Perfect Career of the Future

June 22, 2016
USA Today: Robot installation hits high but growth slows

"Jobs in the factory will change. Workers will be freed from repetitive routine tasks," IFR President Joe Gemma said in a presentation he planned to give Wednesday in Munich. "Workers will focus on jobs that require judgment, common sense, creativity, problem-solving skills and dexterity."

1. Judgment

Bulletproof Coffee: Barista/Coffee Hacker

Demonstrates good judgment and decision making skills

2. Common Sense

Cafe Seeking PT Barista

You must possess common sense!

3. Creativity

Express your creativity. Be your own Barista

The artistic patterns in your latte formed by the different layers of milk foam, coffee and milk aren’t just to show off the Barista’s creativity. The design in the milk demonstrates that the consistency of the foam is good.

4. Problem-Solving Skills

5 Things You Learn from Shadowing a Barista That AREN’T About Coffee

Being a barista can often feel like an exercise in problem solving.

5. Dexterity


Must be able to measure accurately and have sufficient dexterity to handle food and equipment efficiently and safely

Barista! Doesn't require a college degree unless some other applicant has one! Can't be automated!

January 7, 2016
Robot barista makes custom coffee

This robotic arm connects to a printer to put your name on a cup of coffee, then sends the cup to a machine to make a custom brew.

What? Dammit. Never mind. Still looking for that perfect robot-proof career that requires judgment, common sense, creativity, problem-solving skills, and dexterity. I really thought I had it this time.


dearieme said...

The chap who comes round to eliminate moles under your lawn probably doesn't expect to be made redundant by robots. My wife knows a chap who makes his living restoring chandeliers: that might not be automated soon either.

Practical tip: to clean your chandelier, lower it into a bath of gin.

Stagflationary Mark said...


Mole Guy

dearieme said...

When we lived in Australia our suburb had a business called "Paul the Possum Man": he'd trap your pesky possums and take them away to release on the other side of the hills.

By repute the same fellow ran a trapping business on the aforesaid other side of the hills. Where do you think he might have released them? Baffling, innit?

Stagflationary Mark said...


Truly baffling! Endless hills? ;)