Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Breaking News: "The Economy Doubles in Size Every 10 Years"

June 7, 2016
Billionaire Ron Baron: Years after financial crisis, investors still fear stocks

"The economy doubles in size every 10 years, and what we try to do is double in value every five years" by finding companies with great growth potential, he added.

Real GDP (Chained 2009 Dollars):

1987 Q4: $8.2927 Trillion
2016 Q1: $16.5051 Trillion

Granted, the past 30 years have been rough, but over the long-term I think we can all expect the economy to double in size every 10 years.

Perhaps he believes inflation grows our economy faster? If so, he must love Zimbabwe's economy.

June 15, 2015
Zimbabwe phases out local currency at 35 quadrillion to US$1

People with accounts of up to 175 quadrillion (175,000,000,000,000,000) Zimbabwean dollars will be paid $5. Those who preserved bills at home will receive a rate of 250 trillion to $1 for their 2008-issued notes and 250 to $1 for their 2009-issued notes.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, doubles the size of their economy faster than Zimbabwe, lol. Sigh.

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