Monday, June 27, 2016

Confessions of a Patient and Frugal Video Game Addict (Part 2)

In part one, you may recall that I said:

The funny part is that even as a patient and frugal gamer, I could feel the temptation. I'm starting to burnout on the game a bit. If I paid the $20, I could back away from the game. That's when it hit me. The worst possible time to spend $20 on a game is when you are starting to burnout! What an epiphany! Hahaha!

Full burnout achieved! Best $20 I never spent! That sure didn't take long! Hahaha!

Although I have 2,869 gold in reserve (enough gold to make many players salivate), and could easily coast for more than a month on it alone, I am quitting the game forever today. Game uninstalled. Poof.

The new update is out and there wasn't even a moment's rest. Four more expensive high end cars were added to drain our gold. Further, the weekly time trials were reset. This means that we have to compete in four separate time trials this week instead of just the normal one. This doesn't mean much to those who haven't played the game, of course, so let me just say that it is four times the work for the same reward. Further, I'll be traveling this coming week for 4th of July festivities. Can't think of a better time to quit. And then there's hiking season. It's here! It will be much better for my health than a mobile video game, and I won't be complaining one bit.

This is not a rant though. I enjoyed the game immensely. It's just a perfectly normal progression from great fun to burnout. That said, there is an amusing rant that I would like to share.

Real Racing 3 Wikia: No Compromise

GODDAMN IT WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU FIREMONKEYS????? Not even 1 Day to rest after the Le Mans event???? Are you kidding me?!?!?! I wanted to progress a bit in the career for pete's sake NOOOPPPE not happening. Oh look! 670 GC in my bank and GUESS WHAT? BAM! Ferrari FXXK. BAM! Lotus Exige S 360! BAM! Lotus 3-Eleven! BAM! Lotus Type 125. 4 cars, another 1000 Gold to be spent in the span of 1 month. Enjoy, lads! Hint: Firemonkeys are already feverishly working on the next half dozen GOLD COINS cars that will release right after these events finish.

- 4 hours ago by A Wikia contributor

I think I know who this is. It's Cartman from South Park! Hahaha!!

People like free stuff. No doubt about it. Not sure free stuff that makes one swear is worth it though, but hey, maybe that's just me!

As a side note, I'm never getting roped into a game that demands my continual attention again. You can take that to the bank. It eventually starts to feel like an obligation. Go figure.

I have other games ready to play. Looking forward to playing more Crash Dive (WW2 sub simulator) and Starbase Orion (space exploration and conquest), both of which can be played at a leisurely pace, with absolutely no time pressure. Life is good. :)

One last bit of advice for those who are just now starting to play Real Racing 3:

Do yourself a huge favor. Do not attempt to complete it. Do not feel compelled to compete in the weekly time trials. Do not complete every special event. Do not collect every car. Simply enjoy it as the good free racing game that it is. Otherwise, it will consume your free time and/or money with reckless abandon. I say this as a video game addict. It's hard enough for people who have played for years to keep up. You have little chance, and even if you do ultimately succeed before you burnout, this free game will extract a serious toll.

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