Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Dumbest Financial Mistake That Jim Cramer Can Ever Remember Seeing

June 27, 2016
Cramer Remix: Brexit is the dumbest financial mistake I’ve ever seen

Please allow me to refresh his memory.

March 12, 2009
The Worst Moments Of Jim Cramer's Career

6. "The Winners of the New World".

On February 29th, 2000, Jim Cramer gave his "top 10 stocks" that are "going to make it in the New World".

This turned out to be a phenomenally bad list that would have incinerated the portfolio of any investor who was following along and buying. The ten stocks were:



Avoid everything but tech in 2000, he said. It is by process of elimination that he picked his top 10, he said.

Apologies to those who followed his advice, and then keep reliving those painful memories here. Shame on me. It seems that I've got winners of the new world permanently etched on my brain. Never seems to get old. At some point I just need to drop it though, and instead concentrate on the other nine worst moments of his career.

Bad Mark. Bad! Bad! ;)


mab said...

Pop quiz! I'll give you three guesses! Who stated the following in March 2008?:

"No! No! No! Bear Stearns is fine. Do not take your money out. Bear sterns is not in trouble. If anything, they're more likely to be taken over. Don't move your money from Bear. That's just being silly. Don't be silly."

Stagflationary Mark said...


Three guesses? Most generous!

Are you asking who said it originally or who said it on TV?

It's possible Cramer consulted with one of the great ones first, so I'm going to think outside the box. My first guess is therefore Lenny Dykstra. ;)