Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Success: Don't Miss Out on Life's Greatest Thing

June 21, 2016
CNBC: Millionaire investor: This is when you know you've made it

"Hey, if you've got two cars, monetarily wise, you're successful," said McConaughey, co-chairman of the West Texas Investors Club, the investment group he started with his friend and business partner Wayne "Butch" Gilliam.

McConaughey, who built a lead pipe empire worth millions, described getting a second car as "the greatest thing that ever happened" to him.

July 23, 2015
Sutherlin Nissan of Orlando - Purchased Two Cars With Bogo Deal At New Car Dealership

Hello, my wife and I went to Sutherlin Nissan to purchase 2 cars at same time because we heard the advertisement on the radio from Sutherlin Nissan offering a bogo deal.We went up to Sutherlin Nissan on 1/31/15 and spoke with a salesman who's name is Aaron J.D.Amico, and we sat down and Aaron told us in order to take advantage of the bogo deal, we had to purchase the more expensive Altima as first choice, and then the second car would be the cheaper car.

We chose the Altima and the second car we chose was a 2014 Nissan Sentra. We had a 2014 Nissan Versa to trade in also, but we had negative equity in this car. Aaron gave us $12,000 for our Versa, and we owed $15,016.00 on the Versa. So we had a negative equity of $3016.00.

We haggled over keeping the price hopefully under $400.00 a month, but at the end we agreed at a monthly price of $550.00 a month which was what the figures came up with. We went into the finance officer's office, and his name is Sammy, and Sammy was having alot of trouble with his printer and could not print out the finance documents, so we ended up waiting in his office for over one hour before he could begin printing out the documents and contracts. When the documents were finally printed out needless to say Sammy was rushing us to just look quickly and sign to finish up everything after so much wasted time and trouble with his printers. So we looked over the documents quickly and signed everything, they took our Versa and Brought out two new cars, the 2015 Altima and the 2014 Sentra.

Sammy explained to us that the Sentra would be free for two years of lease, and Sutherlin would cut us a check to cover two years of lease which was $299.00 a month for 24 months totalling $7176.00. Sammy said we are loosing alot of money on these Bogo deals, but they need to keep their customers happy. Sutherlin did cut us the check and we just transferred all the funds to Nissan Finance to cover us for 2 years of lease payments. But a week later I look at our contracts and finance and I recognize that Sutherlin Nissan charged us an initial price for the Altima of $29,688.00 or almost $30,000.00.

I check online and find out that the Altima we purchased with same options cost no more than $23,500.00 to $24,000.00. I immediately go back up to Sutherlin to let them know this and ask if they can adjust our monthly payments and purchase price down to the true value of the vehicle, and they continue to say we got a good deal because we got the second car free for 2 years. A couple of days later I go back up to Sutherlin Nissan and talk to another Finance Manager because Sammy is not in and is off that day. I tell this other Finance Manager the same story that we were charged way too much for the Altima, and this Finance Manager tells me that how do you expect us to pay for your two years of free lease in the Sentra unless we offset that loss with raising the initial price of the Altima.

I tell this Finance manager that no one there when we first came to purchase these cars with the bogo deal told us that these two cars are a package deal and the initial first car choice's price would be raised accordingly to offset the 2 years free lease of the second vehicle. If they had told us this we would of never purchased these 2 vehicles because that would mean this is not a true bogo deal and that we are still just paying full price for two cars. And we were charged twice as much on our interest rate than we were paying for our trade-in car or the Versa which was something else we did not understand since our credit rating had not changed in the least when we financed our Versa. I went to our bank who financed our Versa at the low interest rate and told them we had a new car and that it was a 2015 Altima.

I gave them at the bank the contract for the Altima purchase, and they flatly came out and told me they cannot refinance this Altima because we paid way too much for this vehicle, and that the Altima is only valued at $23,500.00 and maybe $24,000.00 with all the options we have in it. Our bank could not help us refinance this car.We have been agonizing over being ripped off by this Dealership for many months now, and have made almost seven monthly payments on it already that was so hard to do. We cannot enjoy this car at all because we know we paid way too much for it.My wife and I have been constantly arguing over what we paid for this car, and we cannot find any help in this matter.

We pray you can help us out of this situation Mr.Newlin


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It's very sad to see low IQ people being stolen from at every turn.

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