Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Secondary Quote of the Day: "A Slow Moving Train"

Dammit! I wasted my quote of the day earlier today. It's gone. I'm now forced to rely on a backup.

June 28, 2016
CNBC: Don't get too happy about this stock rally

"It's going to be a slow moving train. It's calmed down for now — but it hasn't calmed down," said Ablin. "(The markets are) on heightened alert, but unfortunately it's moving at the pace of policy, not at the pace of the markets."

We don't hear many slow moving train analogies. Can someone clarify? I ask because it's calmed down for now, but yet it hasn't calmed down. Makes it hard to determine the actual speed of the train.

Does he mean that the train is actually moving slow? If so, that seems very safe. Rarely hear about slow moving train disasters.

Or does he mean slow motion video of a train? Those are almost always bad. They often involve a fast moving train meeting up with a slower moving vehicle attempting to cross the tracks in time.

We really need to know! Are the tracks safe? Can we cross them? And what's the deal with the heightened alert?

Don't worry. Nobody gets hurt in the video. It's apparently one of those slow moving trains I keep reading about. Whew!

Yeah, I know. I'm going to hell for teasing people like this, especially since I could no doubt be teased similarly. I have no defense. Simple things amuse me. And you know what they say, simple things amuse simple minds. So be it. I can live with that. Hahaha! :)

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