Thursday, June 23, 2016

What I Love Most about XFINITY Home Automation

The thing I love most is that we've only hooked one of our lights up to it.

That means we can currently use all of our other lights since every attempt to turn on that one light remotely has ended in an error today. Hurray! :)

We've had very limited home automation service as part of a package deal for a little less than a year. Most days are pretty good, if you don't mind waiting for an app to very slowly load on a smart phone, but some days are a complete joke. This is one of those complete joke days.

Perhaps I should call Comcast and schedule an appointment to turn our light on. Nah, think I'll just wait it out, as usual.

It's like that joke about the weather. Everybody talks about the Comcast, but nobody does anything about it.

I can't imagine using this service for home security. Might just as well put a sign in the yard.

Dark house? Home automation and security most likely down again. Please don't break the windows. Spare key is in potted plant by front door. Take your time. Two hour appointment window probably not even booked yet.

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