Friday, June 3, 2016

Eddie Lampert's Hometown Fries

Oops. My personal headline robot has run amok again.

No, this story isn't about the burning of the town where Eddie Lampert once grew up.

No, this story isn't about a new and exciting fast-food restaurant created by the legendary Wall Street whiz kid and his dedicated staff of corporate executive minions. It's too bad though. An artisan Craftsman burger has a nice ring to it.

It's simply a story about more of the same. Very expected. Very dull. Very boring. Sorry about that.

June 3, 2016
Sears Hometown reports 1Q loss

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. (AP) _ Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores Inc. (SHOS) on Friday reported a fiscal first-quarter loss of $3.6 million, after reporting a profit in the same period a year earlier.

June 3, 2016
Analyst: There's 'No Reason' For Consumers To Shop At Sears

"They don't have any reason for being anymore," he also told Bloomberg.

That kind of naysaying negativity has no place in America. Stating the obvious like that causes irreparable damage. Investors who buy high and hold low don't want to hear it. Trust me on this. It's just not their style.


dearieme said...

One of our big old retailers has hit the fan: BHS. Their defined benefit pension scheme is joining our Pension Protection Fund, so there will be cuts to the future pensions of many of the members, and cuts to the inflation-protection of pensions in payment. Every time this happens I shiver: we depend on DB pensions.

Stagflationary Mark said...


I'd shiver too. :(

In fact, I shiver every time I hear pension scheme. We don't call them that here, perhaps because of the verb definition.

make plans, especially in a devious way or with intent to do something illegal or wrong.

I'm not suggesting that schemes don't exist here. I'm simply saying we don't tend to call them that, not without at least putting ponzi in front of it. Ponzi schemes we do very well, lol. Sigh.