Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Proof That We're Actually Living in a Very Humorous Computer Simulation

June 27, 2016
Diet Pepsi to reintroduce aspartame option

The new offering, sweetened with aspartame and Ace-K, will be called Diet Pepsi Classic Sweetener Blend and will be offered in 12-packs, 2-liter bottles and 20-ounce bottles.

Diet Pepsi Classic Sweetener Blend? Seriously? I remember a time, in the not-so-distant past, when I could simply say, "Pepsi, please."

Oh, how our computer programming gods must enjoy toying with us! Hahaha! :)

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Who Struck John said...

It's a plot to increase your stress level by multiplying the number of pointless choices in your life.

Stagflationary Mark said...

I believe that!

I think there's also a secondary plot. We have a lot of Pepsi we bought on sale.

Pepsi sounds so much better when compared to Diet Pepsi Classic Sweetener Blend. Perhaps that's why we bought so many.

It's kind of like selling prime rib and canned dog food side by side. The prime rib is so much more appetizing.

Well, assuming they aren't offering taste samples of both, of course. That probably wouldn't increase sales. Nobody wants to smell canned dog food while tasting prime rib! ;)