Monday, June 20, 2016

Parabolic Trend Failure of the Day: Nevada's Real GDP

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December 14, 2015
2016 economy future looks bright for Nevada

Local experts met Monday to talk about the economic outlook for 2016, and it looks like experts are feeling optimistic about the future of Nevada's economy.

Parabolic growth trend failing spectacularly, gambling in a dust bowl, ongoing water shortages, reaching the later stages of a cyclical recovery with not much to show for it, stock market offering more than a year of nothing burger, 10-year TIPS yielding just 0.22%, and a global economy teetering on the edge?

Who wouldn't be optimistic? Time to hit the roulette tables! This baby needs new shoes!

Real Median Household Income in Nevada

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Oh, Mark. Don't be such a party pooper!

Source Data:
St. Louis Fed: Real Total Gross Domestic Product for Nevada
St. Louis Fed: Real Median Household Income in Nevada

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