Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hot New Trend: Assisted Living

June 4, 2016
Yahoo Finance: I checked out WeWork's 'communal housing,' and now I'm considering a move

Of course, the concept of communal housing isn’t novel. But WeLive aims to combine the best aspects of dorms, boutique hotels and apartments, and it charges up to $2,800 a month for this unique living situation. If you’ve ever stepped into a WeWork, there’s an inviting, modern, minimalist aesthetic that’s been infused into WeLive, too.

Isn't novel? Junior assisted living is the best thing since senior assisted living! So what's the catch?

There’s a laundry room with ping pong and pool tables, arcade games and beer on tap. Members do have to pay for laundry — $2 for a wash, $2 for a dry. And there’s an unmanned “honesty corner” with toiletries for sale. Members use their WeLive app to pick up a bottle of shampoo or a tube of toothpaste if they’re running low and are feeling too lazy to run to Walgreens (WBA). Essentially, WeLive wants to be your one-stop shop for anything you need.

Too lazy to run to Walgreens? What? Something tells me those Viagra prescriptions, boxes of condoms, and home pregnancy test kits aren't going to just magically appear in the honesty corner! Hey, what age group is this place aimed at? Lots of single young men and women living together in a coed-dorm environment and all they can think up is shampoo and toothbrushes? That's it? Seriously? Hahaha!

Seems like they've got the game room covered but what about all the other stuff? Fitness center? Computer lab? Media center? And where are the P-Patch planters? Seems like they don't understand their target market at all!

Well, I hope they at least thought to put mirrored ceilings above the communal waterbeds. Give it that retro 70s feel. Very popular with the ladies.

Enjoy life at Tri-Court with amazing new amenities: fitness center, computer lab, media center, game room, even P-Patch planters. Just be over age 60 with a moderate income.

Bad Mark. Bad! Bad!

I may have seriously crossed the line of polite conversation today. So be it. Behold the power of anonymous blogging. Hahaha! :)


Anonymous said...

Minimalist and $2800/ month doesn't seem to fit together. Personally, I do
minimalist for a lot less than that!

dearieme said...

Are Shag as good as Jig-jig? I don't suppose we'll ever know.

dearieme said...

P.S. We have a common seabird called a shag. And you can't get much more common than that.

whydibuy said...

Anon, agreed.
It sounds like a retro hippie camp for reliving your youth from the 60's.
Most seniors 1) don't have 2800 incomes and 2) live much cheaper than that at their own homes. Those that do have solid income tend to want their independence even more without the communal crap.

BTW for mark, the market is within two points of breaking out to new highs which we will soon. Oh, yeah, I forgot to add, Sigh, lol.

Stagflationary Mark said...


It's minimalist in that you don't get much for the money. ;)

Stagflationary Mark said...


I personally prefer Shag and Scooby-Doo. ;)

Stagflationary Mark said...


Must bring you great comfort that the SPY is up a whopping 2.8% since this time last year (factoring in dividends). Sure, it isn't the 10% that many seem to think is always a given, and it adds tremendous pressure to underfunded pension funds, but you've still got your sense of humor about it. Tgat's something I guess, lol. Sigh.