Thursday, June 9, 2016

USA Today and Nissan: Forcing Dead English Teachers to Roll Over in Their Graves

June 9, 2016
USA Today: Nissan aims to redefines 'gray' image with ad onslaught

Aims to redefines? What? I aims to knows who rewrotes that headlines! (The original headline at the Detroit Free Press is much better.)

"The car is always shown beautifully, heroically, driving with precision and they performing exactly as they should in real life," said Jeremy Tucker, Nissan's vice president of marketing, communications and media.

They performing? They should? What? How many car is this?

As a math guy, I know my grammar often sucks, and I do apologize. The bar just keeps getting set lower and lower for me though. Woohoo!

Speaking of setting the bar low, perhaps my next car will be a Nissan. It needs to run on electrolytes though. It's what every car craves. Automakers just haven't figured it out yet. ;)


Anonymous said...

I really love Idiocracy thanks for that. By the way I was thinking about that movie yesterday as I reflect on ads taking up greater area on websites. Eventually we will watch postage sized videos surrounded by banner ads.

Stagflationary Mark said...



Imagine trying to watch an ad campaign but there are extra ads between the ads you want to see.

I no longer have to imagine it. It happened to me while writing this post. I attempted to watch Nissan's ad campaign but there were too many other ads they tried to force me to watch.

Perhaps instead of watching content movies with product placement ads, we'll someday be watching advertising movies with content placement. *cringe*