Monday, June 6, 2016

Quote of the Day

Distrust that man who tells you to distrust;
He takes the measure of his own small soul,
And thinks the world no larger.


Disclaimer: Quote of the Day does not apply to former depositors of Washington Mutual, Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust, City Federal Savings and Loan, IndyMac, American Savings and Loan, Colonial Bank, Bank of New England, MCorp, FBOP Corp banking subsidiaries, Gibraltar Savings and Loan, First City National Bank, Guaranty Bank, Downey Savings and Loan, BankUnited FSB, HomeFed Bank, AmTrust Bank, WesternBank, United Commercial Bank, Southeast Bank, Goldome, Imperial Federal Savings Assoc., CenTrust Bank, California National Bank, Corus Bank, First Federal Bank of California, Doral Bank, R-G Premier Bank of Puerto Rico, Columbia Savings & Loan Assn., Franklin Bank, Silverton Bank, Imperial Capital Bank, PFF Bank & Trust, Franklin National Bank, La Jolla Bank, Frontier Bank, Amcore Bank, First National Bank of Nevada, Riverside National Bank of Florida, Midwest Bank and Trust Company, First National Bank, also operating as The National Bank of El Paso, Superior Bank, TierOne Bank, Irwin Union Bank and Trust Colorado., Orion Bank, EuroBank, First Community Bank, Integra Bank, NA, ANB Financial, First Regional Bank, ShoreBank, Silver State Bank, New Frontier Bank, Georgian Bank, Vineyard Bank, Peoples First Community Bank, County Bank, Hillcrest Bank, Advanta Bank Corp., CF Bancorp, Mutual Bank, Community Bank of Nevada, First Bank of Beverly Hills, Temecula Valley Bank, New South Federal Savings Bank, Community Banks of Colorado, Horizon Bank, United States National Bank, Premier Bank, Broadway Bank, Security Bank of Bibb County, Charter Bank, Alliance Bank, City Bank, Columbia River Bank, Community Bank and Trust, Integrity Bank, Affinity Bank, Appalachian Community Bank, failed banks with less than a billion dollars in total deposits at the time of failure, and any banks with new, first, or trust in their names.

Quote of the Day does not apply to corporate stock ownership of fraudulent companies, failed companies, companies rated below investment grade, cash flow negative companies, companies currently unprofitable, companies which may become unprofitable, and/or companies with unethical CEOs, corporate executives, corporate lawyers, and/or corporate accountants.

Quote of the Day does not apply to holders of "bargain" sovereign debt, "bargain" corporate debt, "bargain" municipal bonds, and/or "safe" utilities with continually increasing debt-to-equity ratios.

Quote of the Day does not apply to mayors, governors, congressmen, congresswomen, presidents, and/or any other person or persons with political aspirations.

Quote of the Day does not apply to salespeople, direct marketers, and/or telemarketers, be it stocks, insurance, used cars, or healthy packaged and processed foods "perfect" for those with active lifestyles.

While every effort has been made to point out some of the major risks of today's Quote of the Day, no guarantees are implied nor warranted. Those sharing the Quote of the Day do so at their own risk and at the risk to others. The Illusion of Prosperity blog shall not be held responsible for any unintended consequences that may arise.

In all seriousness, I think my tiny soul may be broken. ;)


dearieme said...

If I were a man whose financial future depended on Treasuries, I think I might like a small pot of gold too, just as insurance.

Plus, of course, machine guns, RPGs, drones, and the Hound of the Baskervilles.

Stagflationary Mark said...


I'm mainly counting on the Fed to permanently put a stop to recessions. I strongly suspect that by temporarily weakening the economy during the Great Recession, they've actually made it stronger over the long-term.

I'm going to test this theory by introducing moisture and termites into my home. What doesn't kill it (the structural integrity), should make it stronger.

Who am I kidding? I mainly count on sarcasm lest I go insane (or more insane).