Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Dangers of Postponing a Superficial Hip Replacement

Am I talking health care for seniors? Well, not exactly.

July 23, 2015
Best Pre-Fall Sunglasses for Men in 2015

Sunglasses are like shoes, you don’t just own one pair. Some sunglasses are perfect to sport with your suit, others are more casual when you’re hitting up the beach, and some are a must-have when you’re playing outfield.

Men, if you are still wearing your 2015 summer season sunglasses collection as we enter the pre-fall season, then you just aren't thinking this through. What was hip a few weeks ago is no longer hip. You need to get with the program and replace your once hip collection!

1. How will you attract the hottest, hippest, highest-maintenance, and most superficial girlfriend to share the rest of your life with if you don't?

2. How will you earn enough to support both your highest-maintenance hip lifestyle and her highest-maintenance hip lifestyle if the economy falls apart because you, and men like you, don't keep consuming hip men's sunglasses in ever increasing numbers?

Oh, wait. Never mind. I think I get it. If you use your credit card assuming that she will someday pay it off and she uses her credit card assuming that you will someday pay it off, then you have a match made in heaven. What could possibly go wrong? You are perfect for each other!

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