Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Responsible Homeowner's Guide to Housing Remodels

August 7, 2015
Governor Inslee: We need to beat Seattle tunnel contractor like a cheap mule

"Imagine you hire a contractor to remodel your house," Inslee told Dori. "What does a responsible homeowner do in that situation? You ride them and beat them like a cheap mule if you will. We are going to hold these people and this contract — they will be responsible."

1. Hire the cheapest contractor.
2. Ride them.
3. Beat them.
4. Hire a lawyer.
5. Serve your prison time.
6. Enjoy your new crappy kitchen! Woohoo!

Note to self: Don't let the governor of my state anywhere near my pets until he starts using better metaphors.


Rob Dawg said...

And be sure to blame them when you ask them to do something that's never been tried before and it doesn't work out. That said the boring machine designer needs to shot for making it impossible to disassemble in situ.

Stagflationary Mark said...

I'd like a septic system that doubles as a hot tub. I'd also like it to be really, really cheap. Can't be done? Why can't you just use plywood and sand or something?! ;)