Saturday, August 8, 2015

Quote of the Day

August 8, 2015
Seven countries near bankruptcy

Extremely high debt levels, which while not always a feature of unhealthy economies, can also contribute to a country's poor credit rating.

Patient: How's my blood pressure?
Doctor: Not so good.
Patient: High?
Doctor: I would not call it that.
Patient: Very high?
Doctor: Getting warmer.
Patient: Extremely high?
Doctor: Bingo! As in, your chest is about to explode!! OMG!!!
Patient: ...
Doctor: Can you hear me?
Patient: ...
Doctor: Code blue! Code blue!!
Nurse: What happened?
Doctor: No idea. He seemed obsessed about his blood pressure, so I tried to calm his fears.
Nurse: Did you tell him that extremely high blood pressure is not always a feature of an unhealthy body?
Doctor: No. I tried using humor instead, but then his chest exploded.

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