Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Greece Bailout Agreement: Third Time's the Smarm!

August 8, 2015
Greek government says poring over draft of third bailout agreement

Since then negotiations on the agreement itself - which will spell out details of the reforms and funds to be disbursed - have proceeded remarkably smoothly, with the lenders praising Greece for its cooperation.

I must say, you are so well-dressed, and incredibly intelligent, and exceedingly kind and compassionate, and the thoughtfulness you exude is second to none, and your children are the envy of the entire world, and I truly am humbled to be in the presence of such greatness. I do not wish to trouble a lender of such importance with questions, but when can the simple people of Greece expect to get the money? Is there any way it could be wired this afternoon?

I know the money is but a pittance to one as economically strong, secure, and resilient as you. The simple people of Greece are so thankful for anything you might offer. On a more personal note, would you happen to have a few extra euros on you right now? I do not have the full bus fare to return home. I promise to pay you back when next we meet, assuming we meet after your bailout money arrives this afternoon.


excessively or unctuously flattering, ingratiating, servile, etc.

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